paintings and art workshops

Wendy Ritchey

Artist/ Art therapist

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paintings and art workshops

Wendy Ritchey

Artist/ Art therapist

About Me

     I earned my Bachelors of fine Art at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio and my Masters of Art in Art Therapy at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. After many years of working as an art therapist in various venues around Chicago, I am now working full time as an independent artist.

     My primary media is oil paint but I also work in watercolors and acrylic. Currently I have been working on a series of works representing threatened and endangered animals. These works include both oil on canvass pieces and a group of small painted wooden boxes that I have titled " Coffins for the Anthropocene Extinction." The term "Anthropocene Extinction"refers to a word scientists have coined to describe the mass extinction event now in progress as a result of human activities. It is my hope  that through drawing attention to the life cycles and habitats of these endangered animals we may be able to reverse their extinction and enable their survival.

     I am available to facilitate art enrichment workshops and classes. I accept commission work and show frequently in art fairs and galleries across the country. I am currently located in Northeast Tennessee, in Greene county. Contact me at


Coffins for the Anthropocene Extinction

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gopher frog

Pine snake

variable cuckoo bee

flying squirrel

hines emerald 


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pygmy salamander

contact me: text me:708-704-4432